We welcome all at our services

The daughter church of this parish is at Eton

Also in the parish is the church of St Mary Magdalene, at Boveney. This is now redundant but is used occasionally for services.

The East Window of the church is unusual in that it contains a reproduction of Holman Hunt’s picture ‘The Light of the World’. For more information, see the history of the church.

Eton Wick church is the parish church for the communities of Eton and Eton Wick. All ages are welcome and catered for with a mixture of formal and less formal worship with a group for children.  The atmosphere is relaxed and yet services are reverential with a feeling of warmth and worship. The life of the church extends beyond Sundays, with a prayerful and supportive congregation, keen to show Jesus Christ’s love in action within our villages.

Church members singing carols in Eton Wick

The church needs funds for its ongoing work. If you wish to help a gift aid form is available here

For a full calendar of the activities in the benefice in the current and following months, please see here